The Managing Director of Thermal Tower Plants Holding Company announced: Permit to build 10,000 MW of power plants was issued for industries / thermal power urgent actions to reduce blackouts in the country
The CEO of the TPPH Company said: "the construction permit for 10 thousand and 536 MW of new power plants with an investment volume of 6 billion Euros was issued by the major industries of the country."
Operation of 1400 MW Sirik power plant started / The first gas unit of the F-class power plant was inaugurated in Hengam in Bandar Abbas Province
The first gas unit of the F-class combined cycle power plant (high efficiency) in Bandar Abbas with a capacity of 307 MW was inaugurated by the order of the President and the commissioning of the second gas unit of this power plant began.
Production record of Iran's combined cycle power plants was broken / Production of thermal power plants in the country increased by 9%
The country's electricity generation of combined cycle power plants last year increased by 20% compared to two last years and reached about 158 million MWh.
The first steam turbine rotor made in Iran was unveiled / Iran is among the top 5 manufacturers of steam turbine rotors
The steam turbine rotor of Besat power plant was unveiled as the first Iranian model of this rotor by the Minister of Energy, so that Iran would be among the top five manufacturers of these rotors.عکس.png
A look at the latest situation of thermal power plants; Capacity of Iran's thermal power plants reached 69,000 MW / Construction of 583 thermal power plants in the country
The capacity of the country's thermal power plants has reached 68,933 MW by the end of last year.