I. R. Iran Honorable President in Opening Ceremony of Heris CCPP: “Harris Power Plant’s Construction by Iranian Engineers is a Great Honor.”
Iranian President mentioned the construction of Heris Power Plant by Iranian Engineers is a Great Proud and emphasized opening of major project in the situation of enemy’s pressure and sanction is meaningful and a proud.
The construction of the Sahand Bonab CCPP began by Iranian President’s Order
One of the Most Modern Country’s Power Plant Construction Operation has started in East Azerbaijan Provinceطرشت.jpg
Tarasht Gas 25 Mw Power Plant was put into Operation in Presence of Deputy of Power Minister in Electricity and Energy Affairs
this power plant, aged 60 years, is fully generating electricity and must be preserved as a part of Iran engineering historyگل گهر.jpg
The steam unit of Gol Gohar Sirjan Power Plant synced to the National Grid
The steam unit of Gol Gohar Sirjan CCPP (Gahran) with the 160 Mw capacity synced to the National Gridشیروان.jpg
In the presence of Islamic Republic of Iran Honorable President, the Shirvan CCPP steam units 1 and 2 have been opened
By exploiting steam units 1 and 2 of Shirvan CCPP and Media project of gas sector, 410 Mw has been added to the power plant and electricity network capacities