Islam-Abad Gharb Combined Cycle Power Station Is Ready for Exploitation
Islam-Abad Gharbcombined  Natural  Gas power station with 100 megawatt capacity joined Iran’s national electricity distribution network.

​According to TPPH’s public relations on foreign affairs, this Natural  power station​ is situated on 5 th kilometer away in Islam-Abad Gharb-Kermanshah road and is constructed with public investment. With combined cycle power station’s exploitation, the total nominal capacity of country’s power stations will reach up to 75,186 megawatts.

About $ 500,000,000,000 is used to construct this combined cycle power station which includes 4 units with 25 megawatts each and has the possibility to change to combined cycle if necessary.

Japan’s Hitachi Company has provided the power station’s turbines and Neverland’s Brush Company has provided its generator with 630,000,000,000 Iranian Rials currency value.

​Iranian Company “Iran Transfo” has provided trans units and has finished the construction process. “Sane Shargh&Pakman” has provided its boards and supplementary boilers of the power station. Increasing regional electricity generation capacity and providing part of the network need, helping to increase network stability and employment are the aims of Islam-Abad Gharb Natural  Gas power​  power station.

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