Assaluyeh Combined Cycle Power Plant Steam Unit Opened in the Sixth Week of Program #Every Week_of_ A_B_Iran
The first steam unit of Assaluyeh Combined Cycle Power Plant with a capacity of 160 MW was inaugurated in a video conference with the presence of the President, the Minister of Energy and the Minister of Energy.

According to the Public Relations Office of TPPH Co., Mohsen-Tarztaleb, at the opening ceremony of the first steam unit of Assaluyeh power plant, said: "The current capacity of this power plant, which currently includes 6 gas units and one steam unit, is 1173 MW, which will be completed in two years and the power plant's capacity will reach 1,500 megawatts."

The CEO TPPH Company added: "By constructing the steam section, the savings made per unit are 250 million cubic meters per year, which will lead to an increase in efficiency from 34% to 53%."

He pointed out: "The volume of investment made in the steam unit is more than 2240 billion tomans, which has been concluded in the form buyback contract between the TPPH Company on behalf of the government and the Mapna Group on behalf of the private sector."

Tarztalab added: "According to this type of contract, the required capital will be provided by Mapna Group and the way of returning the capital from the place of measuring the amount of saved fuel will be returned to the investor for two years."

He pointed out: " In the construction of the steam section of the combined cycle power plant, up to 70% of domestic construction has been used and 30% has been dependent on the import of raw materials from abroad."

By converting gas power plants to a combined cycle, it is possible to increase 7500 MW of electricity without increasing fuel consumption.

In another part of his speech in connection with the video conference with the President, Mohsen Tarztalab pointed out that the power plant sector is the largest consumer of gas in the country, He said: "Last year, the share of gas consumption in power plants from the total gas consumption of the country was 35.5 percent, which is possible to reduce the existing gas units by 15,000 MW to the combined cycle in both the public and private sectors."

He added: "It is possible to increase the country's electricity generation capacity by 7,500 megawatts without increasing fuel consumption, and by doing this action, 12 billion cubic meters of fuel will be saved per year."

He pointed out: "At present, the country's fuel consumption is close to 63 billion cubic meters, and by converting gas units into combined cycle, it is possible to produce 43 million tons of greenhouse gases and increase the efficiency of the country's power plants by 4%."

He added: "Currently, 17 steam units of this type of units in the country with a capacity of 3025 MW with an investment of 2.1 billion are under construction, of which 5 units have entered the country's electricity circuit and 4 units have entered by the end of the year in the country's electricity circuit."

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