The annual repair program of the country's power plants has been completed / the units are fully prepared to supply electricity on hot summer days / the double pressure of Corona on the repairs of the thermal units.
The director general of the technical office of production of the thermal power generation company, referring to the end of the annual repair program of the country's power plants, said: "Thermal units are fully prepared to supply electricity during the hot days of this summer's peak."

The overhaul period of the units starts every year from the 15th of September and ends by the end of May next year, and all the units must be ready for operation at the beginning of June to provide electricity for the peak of the country's national electricity network.

He added: "Considering that the total nominal capacity of the country's thermal power plant units is about 83,000 MW, this figure indicates the overhaul of some power plant units more than one time."

Namazi emphasized that although the priority is to use gas fuel to maintain the health of power plant units and to observe environmental issues; However, due to the reduction in gas supply, we were forced to use fuel oil in steam units, which led to the changing the repair program to the last days of the year to prevent blackouts in the country.


Corona double pressure on thermal unit repairs

"In the last days of last year, the extension of Corona disease has again created more problems for the repair of thermal power plants, especially for units whose maintenance schedule has been delayed." he said.

He continued: "Major repairs of units require the transfer of repair teams from different parts of the country to other required areas, but at that time we were faced with a difficult process of obtaining a license to move personnel to other provinces."

Namazi added: "At that time, it was not even possible to accommodate these forces in hotels, inns and even the guest house of the power plants due to the closure of these places."


Difficult conditions for supplying power plant parts during the drone days

Referring to the problems caused by the supply of power plant parts, he said: "The outbreak of corona disease has caused many factories supplying the parts we need inside the country to have a complete shutdown or to reduce the number of employees due to the positive answer of medical tests and because of this, the process of procuring the required spare parts was hampered."

Namazi emphasized that we faced many problems for the provincial relocation of the required parts of the power plant, and said:
The issues that arose and coincided with the Nowruz restrictions had created problems that we could successfully complete this year's repair program by coordinating with provincial officials and obtaining licenses and sharing some parts in similar units.

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