80% of power plant supplies will be localized this year\ production of 3,600 power plants parts per year inside the country
The Director General of the Office of Technology and Localization of Power Plants of the Thermal Power Holding Company, emphasizing that about 90% of power plant components are domestically made, said: Last year, 3,600 power plants were localized in the country.

According to the public relations of the TPPH company, Ali Issapour announced this news and added: the main equipment remaining in this section is related to spare parts and hot parts of power plants that are supplied from abroad and should be replaced during major repairs.

He stressed: "Accordingly, we are trying to localize 80% of the remaining spare parts of the power plants this year, to bring the total number of components manufactured inside the power plants to 98%."

Referring to the development of cooperation methods between TPPH company and Niroo Research Institute, he said: "In order to carry out research projects, about 25 billion Tomans of credit has been considered, of which 10 billion Tomans will be given to universities by Niroo Research Institute that required research plans to be done by these scientific centers."

Issaipour emphasized that 74 research projects of the company's priority have been sent to Niroo Research Institute this year, adding: "Meanwhile, about 15 billion Tomans of credit has been considered for some research projects to be done by Niroo Research Institute or should be handed over to other companies by holding tenders."

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