The construction of a new Post at Rey power plant has begun \ Start of the process of retiring the first power plant in the country
The construction of the 230 kV GIS substation of Ray power plant began in order to renovate the power plant and retire the old units of this complex.

According to TPPH Co. Public Relations Affairs, Rouholah Espanani, Executor of Rey power plant improvement project in the ceremony of starting the executive operation of construction of 230 kV GIS substation of Rey power plant, emphasizing that this substation has 14 230 kV feeders, continued: ‌with the implementation of this project, the first step will be taken to create the necessary ground for the construction of a new Rey combined cycle power plant with an efficiency of about 60% and the retirement of the old units of this complex with a low efficiency of about 20%.

Noting that the project will be operational within 18 months, he continued: the contractor of the project is a Mapna Development 1 Company and the volume of foreign exchange investment of this project is about 11 million Euros and the amount of investment of the Rial part of this project will be 67 billion Tomans.

Referring to the need to implement this project to build new units of Ray power plant, he said: due to the sensitivity and special position of this power plant in Tehran province and the country's electricity network, and due to the critical nature of the power plant substation in the construction of new units, the implementation of this project is urgently on the agenda of the thermal power company.

He continued: "For various reasons, including the lack of sufficient space in the current power plant, the existence of various equipment and buildings in different parts of the power plant, the 50-year-old existing air post, the wear of high-pressure equipment and protection system, this project will be implemented.

Referring to the specifications of this project, he said: "The GIS substation is designed with a double busbar arrangement with a bypass disconnector and consists of 6 230 kV line feeders, three feeders for new power plant units, one feeder for Mitsubishi units and three transformer feeders are 230 to 63 kV, which provides part of the load required by the Tehran refinery and industrial, commercial and domestic consumption of the region.

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