In Heating Days in 2016, the Second Gas Unit of Golgohar Power Station Joins Iran’s National Electricity Network
By applying domestic and resistant economy’s potentials, the second unit of Golgohar combined cycle power station in gas field with the capacity of 166 megawatts was synchronized to Iran’s national electricity network. Thus, the private share in this field reached up to 74 power plant units which equals 11293 megawatts.

According to TPPH's public relations, Sirjan's Golgohar combined cycle power station is under construction in Kerman province by Sirjan's Gohar Energy Company's investment in 2 gas units and 1 steam unit. After synchronization of its steam unit by spring 2017, its power generation capacity will reach 500 megawatts.

Golgohar's power station's first gas unit was synchronized to Iran's national electricity network. By synchronization of its second gas unit, its electricity generating filed in gas is completed by 332 megawatts.

Golgohar power station's installed turbined are from V94.2 type. Generated electricity in peak power post has joined the national electricity network with 400 kilovolts capacity.

The aime of Golgohar power station's construction in Sirjan city is to respond increasing consumption growth, developing country's power generation and applying domestic engineering potent as much as possible.

Actually, the power station has experienced 67% accomplishment. Its main fuel is gas and its second fuel is gasoline (in urgencies only).

The main equipment used in Golgohar combined cycle power station is from domestic produced technologies and is prepared by MAPNA. Ghods Niroo Company has been the advisor of the project. This power station has used 110 hectares' surface and is situated in 50 kilometres from Sirjan-Shiraz road.

It should be added that after synchronization of this unit, the total amount of electricity generation from thermal power stations will reach up to 37342 megawatts in 250 units.

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