By the President; the second gas unit of Qeshm power plant was opened / Qeshm Island self-sufficiency in electricity generation
Simultaneously with the 26th week of the #every_week_of_Iran_A_B, the second gas unit of Qeshm Combined Cycle Power Plant with a credit of two thousand and 300 billion Tomans was inaugurated by the President

According to Public Relations Office of TPPH Co. Referring to the opening of the 175 MW unit of Qeshm power plant, Ruhollah Espanani, the project manager of the private power plants of the thermal power company, said: "In order to develop electricity production in the southeast of the country and respond to consumption growth in the region, Qeshm Combined Cycle Power Plant with a capacity of 500 MW, including two 175 MW gases and a 160 MW steam unit is under construction and the second gas unit of this power plant was officially inaugurated this morning by video conference by the President.

He continued: "The efficiency of the gas sector of this power plant is 33% and the efficiency of its combined cycle is more than 49%, which will employ about 500 people at the time of construction and 100 people at the time of operation of this power plant."

Spanani added: “the main fuel is the gas power plant and the amount of gas consumption per unit will be about 45,000 cubic meters per hour. Also, according to the water needs of Qeshm Island, this unit will be able to produce 8,000 cubic meters of fresh water per day.”

He counited: “With the implementation and construction of this power plant, not only the electricity needs of the island will be completely met by the units located in Qeshm region, but also a part of the island's electricity production will be transferred to the mainland.”

Qeshm Combined Cycle Power Plant is under construction with a 60% investment of Ghadir Electricity and Energy Company and a 40% participation of Mapna Group.

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