Production capacity of Sanandaj power plant increased by 500 million kWh / Upgrading of 12 gas units by Mapna Group
The CEO of Sanandaj Power Generation Company said: the annual production capacity of Sanandaj Combined Cycle Power Plant exceeded 6.5 million MWh by implementing power upgrade projects while increasing by 500 million kWh.

Vahid Khadivi in the thirty-second week of the #every_week_of_Iran_A_B and the inauguration of the Sanandaj Combined Cycle Power Plant by the Minister of Energy, referring that the capacity of the gas units of this power plant has increased by 83 MW in recent years, said: ‌ “This increase is equivalent to 9% The capacity is the time of construction of this power plant.”

He stressed: "This amount of increase in production is equivalent to the construction of a power plant worth 50 million euros, which has been done at a cost of one third of the cost of construction of a power plant with equivalent capacity."

Khadivi continued: "Up-to-date design and technologies used in this project have increased the new capacity of the third gas unit of the power plant in ISO standard conditions from 159 MW to 183 MW and its efficiency from 33% to 36.4%. Also, these new features of the gas turbine have allowed the Mapna Group to increase productivity in the combined cycle units from 49% to 55%."

He continued: "The practical result of this project in each gas unit, in addition to increasing production capacity, reduces the consumption of natural gas fuel by 20 million cubic meters per year and reduces 40,000 tons of CO2 greenhouse gas production."

The CEO of Sanandaj Power Generation Company added: “In addition to gas units of Sanandaj power plant, production capacity improvement projects have been implemented in five units of Parand and Assaluyeh power plants of Mapna Group and three gas units of Aliabad and Shahroud power plants in the same way.”

Khadivi emphasized: “Mapna Group intends to provide solutions to improve the capacity of the country's existing power plants in the field of electricity industry, relying on its technical knowledge. Accordingly, upgrading the capacity of three gas turbines of Sanandaj power plant from V94.2 to MGT-70 (VER3), means the development of world-class products and the possibility of competing with the products of leading international companies.”

In the end, he said: “this power plant with a capacity of 1039 MW with four gas units with a capacity of 719 MW and two steam units with a capacity of 320 MW is located seven kilometers from Sanandaj.”

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