Cooperation in the construction of the power plant; New chapter of Iran-Russia cooperation
Tehran and Moscow are always trying to remove the existing obstacles in the way of improving the level of economic and trade cooperation, one of which is the development of bilateral cooperation in the field of energy, especially the construction of a joint power plant.

Accelerate the implementation of agreements in the field of oil and energy, oil and gas transmission lines, cooperation in oil fields, development of energy and power plant relations, as well as the convergence of Iran and Russia in international issues, including cooperation in OPEC member and non-OPEC member countries called OPEC Plus are always the most important issues between the two countries.

According to Sputnik, one of the most recent agreements reached between Iran and Russia is the construction of the Sirik power plant. The project manager of the thermal power plant of the thermal power generation company, referring to the agreement of the company with the new Russian contractor for the construction of Hormozgan Sirik power plant, said: "the executive operation of this project will begin soon with a government loan from the Russian Federation."

Behnam Khaefinejad added: "Due to the introduction of a new contractor by the Russian Ministry of Energy for the construction of a 1,400 MW Sirik power plant in Hormozgan province, contract negotiations with this company began at the beginning of the year. After 90 meetings, the necessary agreement was finally reached with the Russian company and the contract was signed by the parties."

Emphasizing that the first phase of the study is currently being completed and the start of the second phase of the study is on the agenda, the official said: "According to the plan, after obtaining the final approval of the Russian Ministry of Finance and the subsequent opening of the project LC, The operation of the power plant will begin in the near future."

Earlier, Minister of Energy Reza Ardakanian had said in September of this year: "The new contractor of the 1,400 MW Sirik power plant in Hormozgan province has been selected by Russia, which has been approved, and it is expected that the operation of this power plant will begin soon."

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