Iran's entry into the knowledge of design and construction of gas turbines and combined cycle power plants
The executor of the thermal power plant combined cycle power plant projects announced the country's entry into the design and construction of gas turbines for Class F generation combined cycle power plants.

Alireza Nasrollahi, the project manager of the combined cycle thermal power plants project, referring to the latest details of the construction of the power plant using the national turbine in Tehran, said: "This new project is being done at Besat power plant and the first turbine is to be built by local experts. In the past, this turbine was designed by companies such as Siemens, but fortunately, considering the internal power and the slogan of the year as the leap of production, the first national turbine is to be designed and built in Besat power plant."


Retirement of some units of Besat power plant.

Nasrollahi added: "Besat power plant is one of the oldest power plants in the country and it is planned to retire 3 worn-out units of this power plant and replace it with a high-efficiency power plant to prevent summer blackouts."

The project manager of the combined cycle thermal power plants added: "Unfortunately, in the past we were not able to do engineering in the field of gas turbine design, but today in the form of technical knowledge of technology we obtained this process which all stages of this turbine should be designed and built by Mapna Group of Companies.

He continued: "The efficiency of gas turbines built inside the E-Class in the past was 34%, which in the upgraded model reached about 35.5%. Fortunately, in the new generation (Class F turbines), the turbine efficiency is close to 40%, and this is a big event for the country.

"Fortunately, this turbine model has been approved by the esteemed environmental protection organization in terms of environmental standards," said the project manager of the combined cycle thermal power plants.

The project manager of the Combined Cycle Power Plants of the Thermal Power Company added: "Currently, with the launch of this power plant unit, the efficiency of Besat Power Plant is going to increase from 27% to 57%."

Nasrollahi stated: With the construction of the new combined cycle power plant, water consumption in the power plant will be reduced to about 8% of current consumption and we will have up to 90% of water savings in the southern region of Tehran. In general, the efficiency of Besat power plant is more than 2.5 times.

The project manager of the combined cycle thermal power plants added: The technology of manufacturing E and F class turbines has already been imported from the German company Siemens in the form of two technology transfer contracts, although the turbines were eventually built inside the country.

Nasrallah on whether these turbines are exported to other countries or not? He said: "It is possible that after performing the tests and technical tests, it is possible to export these turbines to other countries."

He continued: "Besat 200 MW power plant with an efficiency of 27%, if it becomes a combined cycle power plant, in addition to reducing fuel consumption, about 115 MW will be added to the main capacity."

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