Iran's first state-owned F-class power plant entered production
The project manager of the combined cycle power plants of the TPPH Company said: "The first gas unit of Hengam power plant with a capacity of 307 MW entered the production circuit as the first unit of the Iranian F-Class power plants in Hormozgan province."

Alireza Nasrollahi announced this news and added: "This complex is one of the most advanced power plants in the world, which was built and installed by Iranian specialists in our country and is on the way to operation."

Emphasizing that the construction of Class F combined cycle power plants in order to improve the efficiency of the country's electricity network and reduce energy intensity in the production sector is on the agenda, he said: "This contract has a capacity of five thousand megawatts and is defined in eight site and Hengam power plant was built as the first complex in Hormozgan province and adjacent to Bandar Abbas steam power plant."

Nasrollahi estimated the amount of investment in this power plant at 500 million Euros and added: "This power plant has two gas turbines of F 307 MW class and a 292 MW steam section with a total capacity of 906 MW and 58% efficiency."​

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