By order of the President; The third steam unit of Shirvan power plant was inaugurated 12 February 2016
Simultaneously with the thirty-ninth week of #every_week_of_Iran, the third steam unit of Shirvan Combined Cycle Power Plant was inaugurated by the order of the President.

According to Public Relation office of TPPH Co., Mohsen Tarztaleb, CEO of the Company, estimated the capacity of this unit at 160 MW and added: Shirvan power plant in North Khorasan province has 6 gas units of 159 MW and three steam units of 160 MW which totally will reach 434 MW.

He described the efficiency of this power plant as 49% and said: "According to the policies of the Ministry of Energy and Electricity Industry, in order to make optimal use of resources, especially fuel consumption of power plants and increase production efficiency, 22 units of steam cycle units of combined cycle power plants have already been implemented." It was included in the development plan of the country's electricity production that three units of the steam section of Shirvan power plant were among these projects.

Tarztalab estimated the investment volume of this project at 125 million Euros and added: increasing the region's electricity production capacity and supplying part of the country's national electricity grid demand, responding to the growing needs of the region's electricity consumption, using the maximum internal engineering capacity and improving technical knowledge in construction of thermal power plants is one of the goals of this project.

He emphasized: in a technology transfer process, all the major equipment of this power plant, including turbines, recycling boilers, generators, cooling system equipment and control systems, are implemented by internal specialists and Mapna Group colleagues, and the process is done entirely in the country.

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