For the first time in the electricity industry; The efficiency of Iran's thermal power plants reached 39% / The record of efficiency of thermal power generation units was broken
The CEO of Thermal Power Plants Holding Company, said: "The efficiency of the country's thermal power plants increased to 39% for the first time in the history of Iran's electricity industry."

Announcing this news, Mohsen Tarztaleb added: "The efficiency of Iran's thermal power plants last year increased by more than four tenths of a percent from 38.56 percent to 39 percent;" This figure is the highest annual increase in the efficiency of thermal power plants in the last eight years and has reduced the consumption of 846 million cubic meters / liter of equivalent fuel in 1399.

He emphasized that the four-tenths percent increase in the efficiency of power plants has resulted in more than one percent annual savings in fuel consumption of power plants. The support and incentives seen in the upstream rules, regulations and laws are one of the most important goals of this company.

Tarztalab said that one of the important factors in achieving the mentioned efficiency is the full implementation of the power plant repair program and added: "Units sometimes have some problems during operation that can affect their efficiency. These limitations are removed during the implementation of the unit repair program and compensated the reduced of efficiency in units."

Referring to the role of construction of steam section of combined cycle power plants in achieving 39% efficiency, he said: "The efficiency of large gas units is on average 31%, which with the construction of steam unit connected to them and completing the combined cycle block, the efficiency of the complex increases to more than 45% Finds. In this regard, last year, a total of 1,936 MW of combined cycle blocks were added to the capacity of the country's national electricity network."

Tarztalab pointed to the implementation of the V94.2 gas units upgrade program and added: the implementation of upgrade operations on these gas units simultaneously with the overhaul of the units has increased the production capacity by 10 MW and increased the efficiency for each unit by 0.1%.

The CEO of the thermal power plants holding company emphasized: increasing the productivity of power plants, reducing the amount of fuel consumed and optimal use of fuel allocated to thermal power plants are among the most important benefits of increasing the efficiency of thermal power plants.

Referring to the company's plans to increase the efficiency of the country's thermal power plants, Tarztalab said: Orientation to combined cycle power plants with high efficiency and lower pollution due to the advancement of technology and construction inside the equipment of this type of power plants, planning and full implementation of the repair program of power plant units and conversion of open cycle gas units to combined cycle units including thermal power industry programs Improving the efficiency of thermal power generation units.

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