The first steam turbine rotor made in Iran was unveiled / Iran is among the top 5 manufacturers of steam turbine rotors
The steam turbine rotor of Besat power plant was unveiled as the first Iranian model of this rotor by the Minister of Energy, so that Iran would be among the top five manufacturers of these rotors.

This 82.5 MW turbine rotor was built by the specialists of the power plant repair company. To buy this turbine outside, 900 billion Rials (about three million Euros) had to be allocated to provide the required currency. By building this rotor, all the spent expenses have decreased to 350 billion Rials.

The nominal speed of this turbine is three thousand revolutions per minute, the number of blade stages is 19 rows, the number of blades is 2539, the nominal inlet steam pressure is 86.18 bar and the nominal inlet steam temperature is 510 degrees Celsius.

The operating time of this turbine rotor is 6 months and it can withstand steam temperatures above 500 ° C. Also, in the construction of this turbine, 75,000 man-hours of operation have been planned and implemented in the fields of metallurgical engineering, mechanics and manufacturing, procurement, machining, prefabrication, non-destructive testing and dimensional control.

The previous manufacturer of this rotor was General Electric Company of America. Despite the lack of access to construction documents, relevant drawings and the possibility of contacting the manufacturer, the engineering team of Iran Power Plant Repair Company was able to build the rotor in the power plant by reverse engineering to build mentioned turbine rotor inside the country.

Mohsen Tarztaleb, CEO of Iran Thermal Power Plants Holding Company, emphasizing that this rotor was built at one-third the cost of its foreign model, said: Iran Power Plant Repair Company is ready to repair or build a new rotor in all 129 power plants and 583 thermal power generation units of the country if a rotor has a problem.

Also, Reza Ardakanian, Minister of Energy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, described the construction of the first Iranian steam turbine rotor as one of the manifestations of the high capacity of human resources in the country and added: This action is one of the windows of light towards a secure future with prosperity and development not only in our country but also in the region.

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