Operation of 1400 MW Sirik power plant started / The first gas unit of the F-class power plant was inaugurated in Hengam in Bandar Abbas Province
The first gas unit of the F-class combined cycle power plant (high efficiency) in Bandar Abbas with a capacity of 307 MW was inaugurated by the order of the President and the commissioning of the second gas unit of this power plant began.

In order to develop electricity generation in the southern region of Iran, the construction of a Hengam 906 MW combined cycle power plant as the first state class F power plant in Iran with two 307 MW gas units and a 292 MW steam unit is on the agenda of TPPH company.

Also, by the order of the President, the executive operation of the 1400 MW Sirik steam power plant in Hormozgan province was started with an investment of 38,000 billion Tomans.

In order to implement the policies of Iran's electricity industry for making optimal use of fuel consumption of power plants and increase production efficiency, sustainable electricity supply for presenting to the national grid, export to neighboring countries and development of Makran beaches, this power plant from the export credit loan of the Russian Federation to the government of Islamic Republic of Iran was placed on the agenda of Thermal Power Plants Holding Company.


This power plant has four 350 MW steam units with a gross efficiency of about 46%. The boiler of the Super Critical type of power plant will be made once with the main gas fuel and water supply of the power plant from the sea. To supply water to the power plant, a MED desalination with an output capacity of 210 cubic meters per hour is on the agenda.

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