An International Call for Bid to Construct a Power Plant in Iran Will be Held Soon
Thermal Power Plant Holding’s (TPPH) Chief Executive Officer announced this news for construction of the steam unit of Geno combined cycle power station.

According to Thermal Power Plant Holding's (TPPH) public relations and international affairs office, Mohsen Tarztalab, TPPH's Chief Executive Officer has confirmed this statement in Iran's Investment on Energy meeting that the announcement of this call for bid will have been published by November the 2nd 2016.

Due to time limit and planned timing on construction of the steam unit of Geno combined cycle power station it is estimated that finalization of the project will take 33 months. Before that time, evaluation and other working measures such as providing financial resources is on the plan.

He stated that Thermal Power Plant Holding (TPPH) is an active parent company in investment field and planning for an international call for bid on power station construction in BOO form will be executed by next six months.

The Ministry of Energy and Thermal Power Plant Holding will guarantee the payment and for those who provide financial credit on this power station construction in Iran.

TPPH's Chief Executive Officer also mentioned turning old single cycle power plants to combined cycle power plants is another investment opportunity in Iran's power plant industry field. In public sector 34 gas units, in private sector 59 gas units and in steam power stations, 7517 Megawatts should turn to combined cycle form.

Tarztalab added: "According to the sixth plan of development, 26,000 Megawatts for power plants should be constructed in the whole country. Still, 8,000 Megawatts remained from the fifth plan of development."

He concluded that 3,000 Megawatts of the whole Iran's national electricity network are from old power plants which should be retired and 7,500 Megawatts of power plants have more than 35 years old which need renovation.

Thermal Power Plant Holding's Chief Executive Officer finished his speech by mentioning that Iran is the 14th power generator in the whole globe. In last half a decade, Iran managed to produce 15,000 Megawatt new power plant capacity.​

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