Maku Combined Cycle Power Plant Should Be Exploited Before 2017 Summer Peak
Mr. Tarztalab, Thermal Power Plants Holding’s (TPPH) Chief Executive Officer, asked for accelerating activities to bring needed equipment in order to finish Maku combined cycle power plant’s construction during a visit on the power station.

According to Thermal Power Plants Holding’s (TPPH) public relations and international affaires’ office, Mr. Mohsen Tarztalab announced in a mutual conference with the investor of this power station’s project that it is crucial to finish this power plant before next summer’s peak time and joining it to the national electricity network by then.

He mentioned the exceptional occasion for investment of OICO Company such as guaranteed electricity buyback and said: “In case of synchronization of the power station’s first unit by next 6 months, our principal agreement of this contract can be negotiated with the investor for taking charge of more development fields of power station.”

Mr. Tarztalab announced the agreement on gas unit of the power station and added: “Thermal Power Plant Holding parent company is ready to cooperate with all responsible institution to construct this combined cycle power station in Maku.”

“Only a bit more than 4-month period is remained from the foreign investment advantages on the fifth plan of development’s legislation. After the expiration of the legislation, the investment methods with be changed in the country which means the methods will be on call for a bid form.”

It should be added that Maku combined cycle power plant with 110 Megawatts of capacity is under construction with the cooperation of Urmia’s Golbargh Company and OICO Aerospace industries in West Azerbaijan province.

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