The First Unit of Behbahan Private-owned Power Station’s Gas Sector Joined Iran’s National Electricity network
The first unit of Behbahan private-owned combined cycled power station’s gas sector with 166 megawatt capacity is connected to national electricity network.

According to Thermal Power Plant Holding's international affairs' public relations, the first phase of this power station is under construction on the 20thKilometresofRamhormoz-Behbahan Road, Khuzestan province, by GEIC and MAPNA in the form of BOO plans. By joining all units of the first phase to Iran's national electricity network, the power station will have the capacity to generate approximately 492 megawatt electricity.

According to planning, the second phase of power station's gas sector will be connected to national electricity network in July and its steam sector will join the network by July 2017.

Power station's post has 400 kilowatt capacity. An storage with 33,000 meter per square is constructed within the power station.

Power station's efficiency is 49.5%. The fuels are first of all gas and the second diesel fuel. The aim of construction of Behbahan combined cycle power station is to develop South regions' power generation.

The Ministry of Energy seeks to attract private sector's cooperation in these projects in a payback contract forms between the government and the investors with a credit up to more than 290,000,000 €.

MAPNA Company has applying Iranian engineers' potent and domestic products to equip, install and set up Behbahan combined cycle power station

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