The Executive Process of the Steam Unit of Asalouyeh Power Plant Started
The executive process of the steam unit of Asalouyeh power plant was started coincided with the exploitation of Shobad power plant.

According to Thermal Power Plants Holding’s (TPPH) public relations and international affairs’ office, in this ceremony Mr. Hamidreza Azimi, the deputy chief executive officer in planning issues, Mr. Hamid Sardari, the executive manager of Buyback projects and Bushehr’s provincial authorities were present. The ceremony was held in Asalouyeh power plant on November the 25th 2016.

This project includes the construction of three units with the capacity of 480 Megawatts in Asalouyeh power plant. MAPNA company has invested in the project in a buyback form.

By exploiting the steam unit of Asalouyeh power plant, the efficiency of the power plant will increase from current 31% to 45%. The annual electricity generation of the power plant will also increase to more than 8,388,000,000 kilowatts per hour.

 In addition, by exploiting the steam unit of Asalouyeh power plant, 846,000,000 meters per square gas consumption (equal to $ 152,000,000 value) will be saved annually.

Asalouyeh’s gas power station includes 6 unite with 157 Megawatt capacity (in ISO situation) from the form of V94.2 Toga (under Germany’s Siemens’ licence) and 400 kilovolts post that is situated in 25 kilometers away from South Pars especial economic zone near Bushehr province’s Bostanlou village.

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