The Economic Council Has Granted the Authorization for Combined Cycle Power Plants with High Efficiencies
The economic council has approved the project of the construction of combined cycle power plants with high efficiencies by absorbing foreign financial resources.

According to Thermal Power Plants Holding’s (TPPH) public relations and international affairs’ office, Mr. Hamidreza Azimi, planning and programming Deputy of Thermal Power Plants Holding parent company announce this news and said: “According to this authorization, eight combined cycle power plant blocks with high efficiency (in other world F class) by using foreign resources (as finances) in construction sites on Bandar Abbas, Tabriz, Salafchegan, Khoramabad,  Boin Zahra, Hamedan, Omidieh and Andimeshk. The total nominal capacity of these combined cycle power plants will be around 5005 Megawatts.

“The ultimate authorized amount of foreign financial capacity is 2,561,270,000 € as the main loan and 646,860,000 € as imposed cots are determined in economic council’s legislation.” He explained.

  planning and programming Deputy of Thermal Power Plants Holding parent company added: “This legislation is in accordance of the article 82 of the fifth economic development plan of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the note 4 of the 2016-2017 Persian fiscal year’s state’s budget law which is provided by the note 26 of the 2012-2013 Persian fiscal year’s state’s budget law. The legislation was approved by the economic council on the meeting of November the 7th 2016.”

“This project will be executed in accordance to reach the aim of the order 7 of the commandry headquarter of resistant economy’s act in order to increase the capacity of electricity generation in the whole country and thermal power plants’ efficiency, reduce fuel consumption waste, improve the domestic constructions, transferring the up-to-date science and technology to the country to improve country’s technological independence on providing tools and repair for constructed power plants.” He concluded.

In should be noted that according to approved plans, the first unit of this project will be constructed in Bandar Abbas construction site and will join the country’s national electricity distribution network in the winter of 2018-2019 Persian fiscal year. By the end of 2021-2022 Persian fiscal year, 10 other power plant units will be exploited.    

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