Minister of Energy: “Establishment of Thermal Power Plants Holding Company Has Accelerated Power Plant Construction Plans.”
His excellency the Minister of Energy praised colleagues in Thermal Power Plants Holding and MAPNA companies for exploitation of steam unit of Gonaveh combined cycle power station in his trip to Boushehr province.<br>

​According to Thermal Power Plants Holding (TPPH)’s public relations and international affairs’ office, his excellency the Minister of Energy has considered establishment of TPPH brought prosperous in Iran’s power industry and electricity generation.

“In spite of financial difficulties and limited resources, TPPH managed to improve power plant construction plans by creating vast networks and negotiation with sponsor companies.” He said.

His excellency Minister of Energy also praised MAPNA company’s efforts in power plant constructions all around the country and considered MAPNA to have a key role in the country’s power industry especially on the process of construction and accomplishment of Gonaveh combined cycle power plant.

His excellency, Mr. Chitchian, the Minister of Energy explained that in order to respond industries’ new needs, power plants with 5000 Megawatts’ capacity should be constructed in the whole country by the end of the fifth plan of construction. The peak of energy and energy consumption also should be managed in the whole country.

“With the effort of our colleagues in the power industry’s distribution, generation and transmission, we manged to control current Persian fiscal years’ consumption peak. We reduced or move 3000 Megawatts so the power industry would not fill any lack.” He added.

Mr. Mohsen Tarztalab, the chief executive officer of Thermal Power Plants Holding (TPPH) also brought about the cooperation and efforts of MAPNA company in order to accomplish Gonaveh combined cycle power station’s project and said: “With the collaboration of the private sector in power industry can respond to the need of energy generation of the county especially for industries. The steam unit of Gonaveh combined cycle power station with the capacity of 324 Megawatt has been synchronized to the national distribution network in 2012. Now, another steam unit with 160 Megawatts capacity has exploited as well. The efficiency of Gonaveh combined cycle power station is 49.5% and we can increase Boushehr Province’s power generation capacity to more than 3500 Megawatts.” He concluded.

During his excellency, the Minister of Energy’s presence in Boushehr Province, Gonaveh combined cycle power plant was exploited. Mr. Aliabadi, the chief executive officer of MAPNA explained that the power station was constructed using domestic potentials and during unjustified imposed sanctions period in the country. Currently, the power station is ready to thoroughly provide regional and national energy needs. The power plant consumed 740,000 Hour per person and has created 150 employments. The finance of the power station was more than 300,000,000 € provided by MAPNA company.

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