On 2016 annual electricity peak: Steam sector of Chadormalu Combined Cycle Power Station Inaugurated
By exploiting steam sector of Chadormalu (Sarv) Combined Cycle Power Station with the capacity of 160 Megawatt, this power station completely joined national electricity network.

According to Thermal Power Plant Holding's international affairs' public relations,Chadormalu (Sarv) Combined Cycle Power Station owns two gas sectors, each with 166 megawatt capacity, and one steam sector with 160 megawatt capacity which means 492 megawatt capacity.  The power station was constructed by private investment of Chadormalu Mining and Industrial Company on on the 20th Kilometres ofArdakan-Nain Road in Yazd Province.

The 400 kilovolt post of the power station generated electricity on September 2013 and its first and second gas phases of the power station joined national electricity network on July and September 2014.

This power station owns 2 fuel storage each 20000 meters per square capacity. The main fuel is gas. MAPNA is building, electricity equipment and gas sector construction contractor. Faraniroos Company is the post contractor.

The cost of Chadormalu Combined Cycle Power Station has been around   360,800,000 $.

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