The Environmental Permission of the Steam Unit of Assalouyeh Power Station Granted
26 feb 2017
The environmental permission to construct the steam unit of Assalouyeh Power Station is granted in Boushehr Province<br>

According to Thermal Power Plants Holding’s (TPPH) public relations and international affairs’ office, the executive manager of buyback plans said: “The environmental department’s general secretary in Boushehr Province has granted the environmental permission for construction and development project of the steam unit of Assalouyeh Power Station.”
Mr. Said Sardari mentioned the eco-friendly advantages and green gas reduction of the project and explained that Assalouyeh Power Station project and the expansion of the power plants’ steam unit (in order to change the gas units to combined cycle units) was agreed in buyback form between Tavanir Company and MAPNA’s Assalouyeh Power Generation Company based on article 19 of the 2013-2014 Persian fiscal year budget law of the Islamic Republic of Iran which asserts that the return of investment will be from fuel savings.
“Since the beginning of 2016-2016 Persian fiscal year this contract has been given from Tavanir Company to Thermal Power Plants Holding Company and the start of its executive operation was aligned with the resistant economic targets that was the base of our plans,” He added.
  the executive manager of buyback plans also said that in Assalouyeh Power Station project, 3 steam turbine generator unit with the nominal capacity of 159 Megawatts and in total with the nominal capacity of 477 Megawatts and 6 HRSG unit and ACC cooling system, the related commons and a post with 400 kilovolts will be executed and exploited.
Mr. Sardari asserted that with exploitation of steam unit the power plant’s efficiency will be increased from 32% to 49% and the executive operation advancement is currently 10%.
It should be added that Assalouyeh Power Station with 6 gas unit with 954 Megawatts nominal capacity is constructed and situated in 20 kilometers away in Bandar Abbas Road, besided Boustano village. The environmental permission has been previously granted in 2005-2006 Persian fiscal year.

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