In Order to Reduce Water Waste and in the Presence of His Excellency the Minister of Energy: The Repair of Cooling System of Hamedan’s Mofatteh Power Station Will Start Soon
5 march 2017
The executive manager of Thermal Power Plants Holding’s rehabilitation: the repair of principal and secondary cooling system project of second unit of Shahid Mofatteh power plant started during the revolutionary commemoration days in order to reduce water consumption up to 85%.

According to Thermal Power Plants Holding’s (TPPH) public relations and international affairs’ office, his excellency the Minister of Energy Mr. Hamid Chitchian said that by exploiting all constructed cooling dry towers, the power station’s water consumption will be reduced to 1 millions square per meters. By then, we can reuse waste water for other purposes.
“Two years ago, the first cooling dry tower joined the circuit and now we start the second one. Currently, water consumption of the power station is reduced to 10 million square per meters that 6.5 million square per meters is provided from waste water. 25 years ago, when Mofatteh Power Station was being exploited, there were no water restriction limits to consider. Thus, 25 water wells were drilled. In order to fully exploit the Mofatteh Power Station we needed 15 million square per meters of water. By reduction of water resources, difficulties rose. Thus, we thought to use dry towers instead of dryer ones to reduce water consumption up to 15%.” His excellency the Minister added.
“Besides the executive process of the dry cooling tower of Mofatteh power station’s second unit, the biggest solar power station project in the country and the executive process of three other solar power stations proves the Ministry of Energy and the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s will to advocate environmental issues. According to Paris pact, the Islamic Republic of Iran should reduce green gas production according to its international responsibilities and announced voluntarily a new cooperative project to the international community. According to this cooperative project, the Islamic Republic of Iran has promised to install 7500 Megawatts of renewable power plants that we can perceive its sign from now on.” The Minister emphasized.  
“In near future, a 10 Megawatts solar power plant will be synchronized to the country’s national electricity network and the plan is to add power plants to the network with higher capacities. We have planned to reach annual 8% economic growth which means each year 5000 new power plants should join the national electricity network. This target needs domestic and foreign investment. Currently, foreign investors has given the plan to invest 3,000,000,000 $ to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance which will lead to invest in the execution of 1100 Megawatts of renewable energy power plants by Iran’s Renewable Energies Organization (SANA). Soon, the contract of a new 400 Megawatts power plant will be signed in order to reach the total executed contracts to 1500 Megawatts.” His Excellency the Minister concluded.

According to Thermal Power Plants Holding’s (TPPH) public relations and international affairs’ office, Mr. Alireza Nosratollahi announced this news and said: “The construction of the dry cooling tower in this power station has loads of advantages such as maintaining current efficiency, no need for foreign technology and the least cost possible and loss of power generation potent.”
“This dry cooling tower with 2100 tons of metal structures, Aluminium cover with 132 meters’ height and 105 meters’ diameter will be constructed within 30 months.” he added.
The strategic generation deputy of Thermal Power Plants Holding (TPPH), Mr. Abdorassoul Pishahang also announced the construction of the second cooling otower of Shahid Mofatteh power plant, “the cooling tower of the second unit will be built in 30 months will 1,020,000,000 Iranian Rials investment to reduce water consumption up to 85%. With the construction of the cooling towers of 3rd and 4th units of the power plant, the total water consumption of Shahid Mofatteh power plant will be reduced to 1,000,000 square per meters which means the power plant won’t need to consume water anymore.” He said.
130 weather transmitter with 20 meters’ length, 2 transmitters with 15 meters’ length and 1250 tons of pipe and connections will be used to construct this tower.
The protection against wind effect on unit’s power generation and the fastest time to connect the current system to the updated version are other advantages of the new system. MAPNA Company, Monenco and Nasb Niroo are project executive contractors and Qods Niroo Company is the construction advisor of the project.
It should be added that the dry tower of the first unit of this power station was synchronized to power generation system in August 2015 for the first time in the world. According to statistics the water consumption in the first unit of Hamedan Power Station has been reduced up to 15% from its first design.

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