The Executive Process of the Third Unit of Droud Gas Power Plant Started
5 march 2017
The Power Plant Should be Exploitable by June 2017

According to Thermal Power Plants Holding’s (TPPH) public relations and international affairs’ office, Mr. Mohsen Tarztalab the Chief Executive Officer of TPPH said that by the peak as we planned the power plant should be constructed and ready to exploit by June 2017. The power plant is under construction with 50,000,000,000 Iranian Rials investment. Currently, the capacity of Droud gas power plant is 50 Megawatts which will be increased to 75 megawatts by the exploitation of its third unit,” he said.
Considering policies to urgent power supply for the region, he added: “Droud gas power plant with 23 potential employment is the only thermal power plant of Lorestan province which is constructed on 1972.”
Mr. Massoud Moradi also added: “According to logistics and infrastructures of Droud gas power plant it is planned that a gas unit with 25 Megawatt capacity to be added to this power plant to supply regional and urban need of Droud province in early summer’s peak in next Persian fiscal year 2017-2018 and avoid any problems. The annual electricity generation of Droud gas power plant is 90,000,000 Kilovolts which can reach to 120,000,000 Kilovolts time to time as well.” He concluded
In this ceremony Droud and Azna’s representative in Parliament and Droud’s governor were also present.

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