Russian Minister of Energy in Sirik power plant groundbreaking ceremony: Sirik power plant will be one of the most modern power plants
6 march 2017
Iran and Russia are executing the second phase of Bushehr nuclear power plant and in the near future they will execute Incheh Borun’s railway electrification project

According to the public relations and international affairs office of Thermal Power Plant Holding Co. (TPPH), referring that the most modern technologies will be used in construction of the Sirik power plant and the efficiency is about 45 precent, Russian Federation Minister of Energy, His Excellency Alexander Novak during the groundbreaking ceremony for 1400 Mw Sirik power plant in Hormozgan province said: “the project is a key plan in development economic cooperation between two countries and the cooperation is not only limited to this issue.”

Expressing that from 20 years ago Iran and Russia have common cooperation in the power plant field, he said: “by starting this 1400 Mw power plant, mutual cooperation between two countries will be started.”

Pointing to the increase of the cooperation level between Iran and Russia, the Russian Minister said: “there is a kind of trust and good understanding between two countries and this issue allows us to continue the cooperation more broadly.”

He continued: “the issue will allow us to think about performing ambitious plans in the field of development energy between two countries.”

Referring that performing the project is the great result of Russian Federation President, His Excellency Putin’s travel to Iran and visiting Islamic Republic of Iran President, Novak added: “the company which have been chosen for the project has 54-year-old history in constructing power plants and related activities and is among the best Russian companies.”

He added: “between 1985 & 2000 the company has constructed two power plants Ramin in Ahvaz and Montazaroghaem in Isfahan.”

Stating that Russia has granted Iran a loan about one billion and 200 million US dollars for constructing Sirik power plant, Russian Minister of Energy said: “we hope constructing this power plant be the background for performing other projects by two countries.” 

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