Iran Minister of Energy in the groundbreaking ceremony of Hormozgan power plant: construction of Sirik power plant is the symbol of friendship between Iran and Russia / movement toward electricity supply for Makran region’s development program
7 march 2017
His Excellency Minister of Energy said in the groundbreaking ceremony of Hormozgan power plant: “construction of Sirik power plant is the symbol of friendship between Iran and Russia”

According to the public relations and international affairs office of Thermal Power Plant Holding Co. (TPPH), while mentioning “this power plant is the symbol of friendship between Iran and Russia” to the Russian Federation Minister of Energy, His Excellency Alexander Novak; His Excellency Engineer Hamid Chitchat, the I.R. of Iran Minister of Energy said: “we are satisfied that we witness the deepening relations between two countries in different levels day by day.”

Referring that two countries’ electricity industry has experienced common and long term cooperation with each other yet, His Excellency Chitchat added: “four power plant including Isfahan Montazarolghem and Ahwaz Ramin power plants have been constructed by Russian experts yet.”

Stating that “construction of Sirik steam power plant with four units of 350 Mw has been established by Russian financing”, he added: “construction of the power plant will be an important step in improving the two countries’ relations; because the action for building of this power plant was as the result of Iran and Russian honorable Presidents’ decisions.”

Mentioning that construction of this power plant is one of the infrastructures of Makran region development program, Hamid Chitchian expressed:” the government has an enormous program to improve Makran’s beaches and we will witness different future for the region.”

Saying that the construction of the power plant is the perquisite to economic development and promoting the welfare level in the country, he added: “the electricity industry must move forward by taking longer steps.”

Explaining that it was supposed the government construct 18 thousands Mw new power plant, the Iran’s Minister of Energy continued: “the program of 16 thousands Mw power plant has been started till now and by constructing this power plant, we will be more close to 18 thousands Mw border.”

He added: “the Great Leader and Islamic Council Parliament has ordered that until the end of Sixth Development Program we witness 8 percent growth annually and continuously and development of power plants’ activities are precondition for this growth.”  

He clarified: “the Ministry of Energy has decided to change Hormozgan province to one of energy pole in the country by developing the province power plants capacity.”

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