6.5 billion US dollars power plant agreement in-principle was signed with foreigners in post JCPA (Barjam) era
8 march 2017
Thermal Power Plant Holding Co. Deputy of Programing: we have signed an agreement in-principle with foreign companies worth 6 billion and 500 million US dollars for constructing power plant in post JCPA era yet that 3 billion and 300 million US dollars of it led to contract.

According to the public relations and international affairs office of Thermal Power Plant Holding Co. (TPPH), in national forum of Resistant Economy and JCPA, Hamidreza Azimi said: “different foreign companies from Japan, South Korea and Germany have returned to us for investment and financing in last year.”

Thermal Power Plant Holding Co. Deputy of Programing added: “the contracts of construction plans for Hormozgan, Zahedan and Save power plants have been signed.”

He announced: “an international tender has been held for Geno power plant and 15 foreign companies as well as Iranian companies have bought tender documents.”

He added: “Iran is the first in the region and 14th in the world in capacity of installed power plant level.”

The forum of Resistant Economy and JCPA was held on 1 March 2017 till 9 March 2017 and reviewed the achievements of JCPA in different economic and social parts including industry, mine, trade, agriculture, oil, energy, nuclear energy, health, road and urban, science, technology and monetary-bank affairs.

Ministeries and related institutes representatives have presented in the forum every day and presented their comprehensive reports about JCPA results and performing general policies of Resistant Economy in their related organizations.

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