The Fixed Media System of Yazd CCPP’s Generators Exploited
21 August 2017
The fixed Media System of Yazd CCPP’s generators exploited in the ceremony with the presence of Vice Minister of Power and the Yazd Province Directors of Power and Water.

According to Public Relations and International Affairs Office of TPPH Co. Mr. Satar Mahmoudi, Vice Minister of Power has exploited the fixed media system of Yazd CCPP’s generators during one-day trip to Yazd province after opening ceremonies of some projects of Regional Electricity, Water and Wastewater and Water and Rural Sewage companies in Yazd province.

The cost for opening ceremony of the project which has very important role in the development of electricity industry in Yazd province and will improve the Yazd CCPP’s performance, is 40 billion Rials and it is done by I’MAN SERVER Company.

By opening of this great project, about 15 Mw per each unit and totally 30 Mw increase per hour for two units of Yazd CCPPs will be created.

Regarding the need of the project to using water for electricity generation through fixed media system of power plant generators, for generating one MW electricity in one hour, a cube meter of Permit water is used.

Considering noticeable increase in the generation of gas turbines through reduction of temperature of entering air to compressor, media system is one of the ways for reduction of entering air to compressors which is done by conducting water on the system’s pads and water evaporation during the time when water passes from pads, makes noticeable reduction of temperature of entering air and at the result, it will increase the 30 Mw in generation for two units of gas turbines of Yazd CCPP.

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