The operation of construction of a new power plant in Hormozgan province is in process
22 April 2017
The Managing Director of TPPH has announced the Russians participation for constructing of 1400 Mw power plant in Hormozgan province and said:” the process of financing and opening of LC for the project will be finalized till next month.”

According to the report of Public Relations and International Affairs office of TPPH, Mohsen Tarztalab while expressing that that according the financial assumption, the cost for the power plant will be one billion and 516 million Euros, mentioned: “the work for this power plant operational task has been started in 11th government, but it will come to operation in next government.”

Referring that this nation project will be executed in a land of 100 hectares I 4 units and totally each 350 Mw unit will be operational in 55 months, he continued: “this project has two gas turbines and 4 steam turbines and it is the first power plant of new generation of F-class and modern turbines in the world with 58 percent efficiency which are produced in Iran by privet sector and MAPNA Company. The technology and equipment for its constructing have been bought from Siemens Company and will import gradually.”

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