Building of new 5000 Mw power plant with high efficiency is to be operational
21 August 2017
The Managing Director of TPPH said: “with completing the process of obtaining the necessary permissions, the plan of about 5000 Mw combined cycle power plant with high efficiency has been assigned to MPNA Company.”

According to Public Relations and International Affairs office of TPPH, Mohsen Tarztalab added: “finally after one year intensive negotiations with MAPNA Group and obtaining all necessary licenses from authorized entities, the plan of assignment of building about 5000 Mw of CCPP with high efficiency to MAPNA Group was done.”

He mentioned: “the duration of full completing of this great national plan is more than 5 years and the total cost of the operation contract is more than 5.2 billion Euros which 1.8 billion Euros will be prepared from foreign finance.”

Tarztalab remarked: “during the time of this project and after about maximum 3 years from the start date of the contract, the building technology of F-class gas turbines will be transferred to the country fully.”

The Managing Director of Thermal Power Plant Holding Company clarified; “ with operating this plan in 8 selected sites of the country, at least 8000 persons directly and more than two times of it indirectly will work in the countries industrial factories.

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