Zahedan CCPP Groundbreaking Ceremony started in presence of Deputy of Power Minister and Some Local Authorities
2 September 2017
Zahedan CCPP 500 Mw, two gas units, one steam unit, will be built in the Province

According to the report of Public Relations and International Affairs Office of TPPH Co. Mohesen Tarztalab said during the ceremony: “the Zahedan CCPP will be built by common local and foreign investment during next 3 years which is more than 270 million dollars.”

He hoped: “investor should start the operational actions for the project sooner with necessary efforts and follow up the issues. “

Referred to Great leader’s statement about necessity of job creation in the country, TPPH Managing Director added: “it is estimated that 1000 jobs will be created in the region during the time of this power plant building.”

Announcing that the usage of Muzot fuel in Piranshahr PP is finished, Tarztalab said: “All 3 units of the power plant is working with gas fuel right now and the fourth unit will join the country network after completing repairing steps.”

Referring to the country’s need to 4000 Mw of new power plants during the Sixth Program, he continued: “the necessary investment for this amount of power plant is more than 8 billion dollars in a year and we hope be the witness of the operational actions start for new power plants in the country as last year.”

While expressing about low efficiency in the power plants in Sistan and Baluchistan Province, he said: “the necessary programming about the retirement of old power plants and establishing the new power plants have been done to solve the existing problems in a few years later.”

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