Andimeshk CCPP will join the country’s power network till end of 1399
2 september 2017
Managing Director of TPPH Co. during the beginning ceremony of executive operation of the CCPP Andimeshk: “Andimeshk F-class CCPP will join the country’s power network till end of 1399.”

According to the report of Public Relations and International Affairs of TPPH, Mohsen Tarztalab expressed: “Power Voltage Drop in Khozestan region and failure in building operation of Andimeshk CCPP by private sector caused the government to decide to build a state power plant in Andimeshk.”

He added: “as the region problems needed to an urgent action, it was necessary that government does build a state power plant. However we also give the private sector a notice of cancellation of the license in case of failure to perform the work.

Managing Director of Thermal Power Plant Holding Company clarified: “this is the third project of power generation from F-Class power plants and we hope the work is followed up seriously.”

He added: “primarily actions, land identification and early licenses have been done and a 12 billion Toman contract has been concluded with MAPNA Group for the project.”

Tarztalab reminded: “the time for performance the project is 44 months and with the Power Ministry assistance, gas turbine gas units are under construction which 6 units have been imported from abroad and some sectors of the other 4 units will be manufactured inside the country in MAPNA Group workshops.”

He continued: “the amount of the investment for establishing this power plant is 250 million Euros and we hope the project will be completed till 1399, the supposed time, with planned programming.”

Fereydon Hasanvand, Andimeshk Representative in Islamic Council Parliament also said in this ceremony: “The base of this power plant is solidarity among authorities of two countries for serving people and its message is employment, self-sufficient and hope.

Emphasizing that we have passed the boarder of “we could” and we reached to the boarder of “we can”, Hasanvand expressed; “the cost for the project will be 1200 billion Tomans which must be financed through various sources.”

He added: “if the interval between this ceremony and the time of the project usage will be a long time, there will be disappointment among people and considering the unemployment rate in Andimeshk, people are waiting for the performance of the project.”

Chairman of the Energy Commission of the Islamic Council Parliament emphasized: “we hope the operation for the second power plant with capacity of 720 Mw and preparation of the employment condition for 2000 persons will be started soon.”

Hasanvand added: “people are waiting for positive event in the future and by opening of the project, people’s economy, employment, industry and welfare will be changed more than ever.”   

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