Italian Ansaldo Energeia Co.: “we do not leave Iran”
12 aug 2018
After reestablishing the Anti-Iran Sanctions, the Managing Director of Italian Ansaldo Energeia Co. announced explicitly: “we do not leave Iran and our hope is diplomacy.”

According to the report of Public Relations and International Affairs of Thermal Power Plant Holding Co., Giuseppe Zampini, the Managing Director of Italian Ansaldo Energeia Co. said about the American sanctions in an interview with Italian newspaper, la Repubblica: “we do not leave Iran and our Tehran’s office will remain opened. We hope the diplomacy be the final winner and the door which is opened toward Iran, won’t be closed.”

He added: “Iranian parties are interested in cooperation with Italy and we have agreed with Iranians for establishing three gas power plants. Sanction means closure or suspending all agreements and as I don’t want to enter to political aspect, but I should say it is wrong. Iran is not in such a way that America draws. This country has history, civilization and wealth. It is the reason that everyone wants to come here and sign an agreement with Iranians. Even North Korea Foreign Minister has come to Tehran.”

He said: “I hope the efforts that we have done here during some years, do not be wasted as lots of problems will be created for us. We cannot dispatch our experts to supervise the power plants as mentioned in the contract, because of the sanctions. Our three power plants values 300 million euros, but we have entered to new discussions on another 4 power plants which its total values has been estimated between 700 to 800 million euros and it is a good contract for us.”

He added: “I hope Europe will adopt tighter and more precise positions and defend the companies which are active in Iran. If we are forced to stop our activities, we keep the office of Tehran open. Fifteen other companies from Geneva cooperate with us on this contract. During last year, the exchange between Iran and Italy has increased about 97 percent. All know what Trump’s positions are, but in my idea, today discussion position is in priority in Iran and this country wants to live with others in peace.”

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