With presence of Minster of Power, Caspian CCPP has been inaugurated in Noushahr
18 aug 2018
The gas unit of Noushahr CCPP has been exploited in the presence of Minster of Power, TPPH Managing Director and its Senior Managers.

According to the report of Public Relations and International Affairs of Thermal Power Plant Holding Co., Reza Ardekanian, Minister of Power of Islamic Republic of Iran expressed in the opening ceremony of the gas unit of Noushahr single shaft CCPP, referring to the uniqueness of this project regarding the operation aspects: “considering being combined in its kind, this project is noticeable and I hope the same project will be added to the country’s circuit.”

Referring the good cooperation between government and private section in this project, he said: “Mine and Industry Bank, as the country developing bank, is the helper of country's water and energy. The regional authorities’ role has been colorful in this project.” While expressing that the gas unit of the project has been entered to the circuit with 307 Mw right now, Ardekanian clarified: “the features of this national plan are being environmental friendly and demonstration of people capability in this very specialized project.”

He continued: “the main features of this power plant are getting result with the minimum time in a small land and environmental situation.”

The Minister of Power added: “fortunately, today we have reached to fruitful results in the industry of water and energy which has an essential role in the preparing people’s security, peace and welfare, with Islamic Council Parliament, Government and investors from private section cooperation, in a such a way that we could do the best in the field of servicing people.”

The thanked people for their patience in energy sustainable consumption and asked them, regarding the very hot weather of the summer, this cooperation will be changed to a habit till they can have good programming in generation section and management of the next year summer usage.

Hadadian, the Managing Director of Group, also expressed in the ceremony: “Mahtab Gostar Company has exploiting about 370 Mw power plant and it has generated 4.5 percent of the country’s electricity las year.”

He added: “the capacity of Caspian power plant is 460 Mw which 310 Mw has been entered formally to the circuit and its steam unit will be ready till the summer of 1399.”

Hadadian remarked: “this power plant, with 59 percent efficiency, is one of the most advanced power plant in the country and regarding water usage, is the lowest consumption in the country.”

It is mentionable that Noushahr single shaft CCPP 460 Mw with 59 efficiency, has been established and the capacity of gas unit is 310 Mw and steam unit is 150 Mw. The Noushahr power plant’s average of annual energy generation is 300 million and 600 thousands Mw.

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