With the presence of Minister of Power, Units one and two of the Parand CCPP steam unit have been inaugurated
25 aug 2018
With the presence of the Minister of Power, units 1 and 2 of steam unit of Parand CCPP, with 320Mw capacity, came into operation at the Government Week.

According to the report of Public Relations and International Affairs of Thermal Power Plant Holding Co., the steam unit of Parand CCPP including 3 steam units with 160 Mw, totally with nominal capacity of 480 Mw, 6 heat recovery boiler HRSG, the main cooling system of the air condenser type ACC and 400 kw post which more than 90 percent of mentioned equipment are made locally with relying on the internal capability and by internal producers.

The contractor of MAPNA Group’s consortium, are MAPNA Developer 1 and Developer 2 Company and the physical development of the project with considered financing from the gas sales revenue from gas section has reached to more than 91 percent.

It is estimated in the case of financial support from the MAPNA power generation company, Parand steam unit 3 will be synchronize till the end of 1397.

By completion of steam section, the efficiency of total power plant will reach about 49 percent and 480 Mw will be added to the country’s capacity of power generation without any added fuel consumption which finally is a great help to the grid sustainability and the good reaction to the increasing demand for electricity in the country.

The mechanism of invest return in this project has been foreseen from the fuel frugality and the steam unit 1 on November 2017 and the steam unit 2 on August 2018, simultaneous with peak power consumption, have been synchronized to the network grid.

It is mentionable, Parand gas power plant has 6 gas unit of 159 Mw, with nominal capacity of 954 Mw and 31.4 percent efficiency is located in 30 kilometers of Tehran-Save highway and the power plant (unit steam) has been transferred from the Privatization Organization to MAPNA  

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