Minister of Power announced: attracting 4 billion euros as new financing for water and electricity plans
2 Sep
Reza Ardakanian said: “it is expected 4 billion euros have been attracted as new financing through Islamic Development Bank, ECO Trade and Development Bank, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank to the country’s water and electricity plans.”

According to TPPH Public Relations and International Affairs office, Ardakanian referred that the Energy has always been the most important motivation and propulsion of Man challenges, cooperation, surveys, innovations, as well as wars and compromise during recent century. He said: “No issue has been as effective and important as access to energy sources and usage of it in regulating the policies, preparing the strategies and performing a country’s programs.  Although access to these resources has opened development and welfare doors to the Man, but uncontrollably usage of this useful tool and neglecting its negative results and consequences have been trapped us in the problems.”

He continued: “environmental pollutions and their results such as climate changes, natural disasters, and reduction of valuable environmental resources like surface water and underground reserves, all are the consequences of excessive consumption of fossil fuels.”

He said: “despite mentioned problems and obstacles, one of Islamic Republic of Iran’s main orientation in energy field is drawing the development roadmap in this industry and harmony with the country's environmental commitments in the international community. Iran’s cooperation with institutes like World Energy Council, World Energy Charter, Energy Change Conference and others reflects the serious determination of Iran in this regard.”

He mentioned: “Iran has supported continuously the international activities according to its common but different responsibility for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to the consequences of climate change in recent years. In this regard, considering the international efforts like Kyoto Convention on Climate Change and Paris Agreement, programs for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the form of voluntary participation and about 12 percent have been prepared.”

Referring that Iran has a national strategic climate program, Ardakanian clarified: “this program is with cooperation of different sectors and is a complementary for  the country’s sixth five-year development program as an environmental program which demonstrates policies to ensure food security, water efficient use, rehabilitate groundwater resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

Minister of Power continued: “as a developing country and for meet growing needs, Iran itself needs to fast development in energy generation resources, therefore government has put priority in its developmental strategies, on the low-carbon economy from 2013. On the other hand, national goals like reduction energy subsides, reducing major atmosphere pollutants, promoting energy efficiency, improving fuel quality and increasing the share of renewable energy have been included in this program.”

Expressing that Iran has been using the funds of developmental banks such as Islamic Development Bank, ECO Trade and Development Bank, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, has started projects worth more than 2 billion euros yet and some of them are finished, Ardakanian said: “ it is expected we will attract more than 4 billion euros other investments from these banks for such plans.”

He clarified: “in this field, the attracting more than 2.7 billion euros foreign financing in recycling water plans, increasing the efficiency of power plants and many other infrastructure projects can be mentioned.”

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