The agreements to Construct 1500 Megawatt Combined Cycle Power Stations in Iran Were Signed in Iran-S. Korea Trade Meeting
In the Iran-S. Korea meeting at S. Korea’s President state visit the agreements to construct 3 combined cycle power station were signed in Tehran: these agreements include Zanjan 4, Bafgh and Qom’s Neizar, between Mohsen Tarztalab, TPPT’s chairman and KEPCO, Hyundai Engineering Company, DAELIM Energy Company.

According to TPPT's public relations' international affair office, according to agreements 3 combined cycle power point with the capacity of 1500 Megawatt in total will be constructed in Zanjan, Yazd and Qom provinces.

Zanjan 4 and Qom combined cycle powers station with the mutual investment of KEPCO and Hyundai Engineering Company and Bafgh combined cycle power station with DAELIM Energy Company with 58% outcome are under construction in the country.

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