Achieving the world Fourth Place in capacity of thermal power plants in 1396
3 April 2018
The Iran’s capacity of thermal power plants experienced an increasing to 1904 Mw in 1396 (solar calendar)

According the TPPH Public Relations and International Relations office, Eng. Pishahang, TPPH Deputy Production Leadership said: “by increasing the capacity of thermal power plants, the installed capacity in this section has reached to 78332 Mw. The new power plant capacity is created by exploiting Shirvan, Samangan, Taban, Parand and Behbahan power plants.”


 38% efficiency of power plants

He added: “based on Ministry of Power statistics, country’s power plants efficiency is about 38.5 percent. The 12th Government program is to increase the thermal power plants efficiency at least to 40 percent.”

Referring to the types and amounts of power plants’ fuels, Eng. Pishahang said: “in the last year, the consumed fuel of the power plants was included 88.5 percent natural gas, 6.5 percent gasoline, and 5 percent mazut.

In the 6 months of the current solar year, 95.5 percent gas, 2.5 percent gasoline and 2 percent mazut have been consumed yet.”

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