The Executive of Thermal Power Plants Rehabilitation: “we reach to localization process in Class F Turbine till 1400”
26 May 2018
The process of technology transferring and manufacturing the Class F turbine inside the country is in progress

According to the report of TPPH Public Relations and International Affairs Office, while referring to the history of Class F turbines in recent years including the visit of I.R.Iran Ministry of Power and Germany Minister of Economy and Energy, Alireza Nasroulahi, Executive of thermal power plants rehabilitation emphasized: “by signing this 5 years contract, the first stage for localization of the Class F turbines has been taken which is among the most advanced and reliable and turbines in ISO situation, it has the capacity of 307 Mw with thermal efficiency of 40 percent.”

He added: “the total capacity of the power plants has increased from 160 Mw to 300 Mw by using the Class F technology, while we had to have two gas turbines and one steam turbine in Class E, but we can reach to 500 Mw capacity by using one gas and one steam turbines in Class F.”

He continued: “in respect of efficiency, the Class E efficiency is about 36 percent in gas section and Class F efficiency is about 40 percent and in the combined cycle, its efficiency reaches to 50 percent at most, but in new Class F power plants, the efficiency reaches to 58 percent.”

Nasroulahi mentioned: “by various efforts of TPPH and MAPNA Group Shekel, the construction of first site of Class F in Bandar Abas has been agreed and construction operation of this power plant is in progress seriously and in this moment, we have passed the construction level and entered to installation level.”

He said: “the next power plant in this phase is Andimeshk. A part of manufacturing process of its turbines is under progress in Toga factory and we are doing the last levels of this power plants’ third turbine assembly which will be send to its site in the near future.”

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