TPPH Managing Director: Hormozgan power project’s banking problems resolved
16 September 2018
Banking problems to the thermal power plant in Hormozgan Province has been resolved and its LC will be opened in less than a month

According to Financial Tribune, based on a deal signed in mid-December 2016, the Russia Company Tekhnopromexport and TPPHC will jointly construct the thermal power plant.

Mohsen Tarztalab said: “the whole project is valued at 1.5 billion euros and Russian side is obliged to invest 1.2 billion euros.”

The plant developed at Sirik Township on 199 hectares, equipped with ultra-supercritical boilers, will operate at around 45% efficiency, will include four sets of 350Mw generators and produce 1.4 Gw/hour electricity a year.

The Russian side will also build a gas insulated substation (GIS) to connect to the plant in cooperation with domestic manufactures and contractors.

TPPH Co. Managing Director added: “in February 2017, Russia and Iran started power plants construction that is expected to take about five years.”

According to Tarztalab, by the end of the Sixth Five-Year Development Plan (2017 – 22) total power generation capacity should increase by 26000Mw of which 19000 Mw should come from thermal power.

“Under regulations outlined by the Energy Ministry, all new power plant units must have efficiency of 58% and above.” Tarztalab said.  

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