200 hectare land for 1400Mw Sirik power plant has been delivered to Russian Investor
20 September 2017
Director General of Investment Attraction and Support of Hormozgan Governor's Office said: 200 hectare land for1400Mw Sirik power plant has been delivered to Russian investor in Sirik Township.

According to TPPH Co. Public Relation and International Affairs Masoud Pakzad said among reporters: “with the presence of Dimitri Shapovalov, Managing Director of Technopromexport Engineering Company, Eng. Golabkesh, TPPH Executive for steam power plants, Eng. Ansari, Project Manager of Sirik Power Plant, Eng. Salimi, CEO of Bandar Abbas Power Generation Company and Mirmorsal Izadi Pour, Governor of Sirik, the Sirik power plant land has been delivered.”

He added: “during Russian delegation visit from power plant land and reviewing the site plan and access roads, two sides have emphasized on promoting the project activities.”

He continued: “this power plant will be established by Russia and 1.5 billion euros investment in 55 months which will create direct employment for 3000 persons and indirect employment for 7000 persons.”

Pakzad mentioned: “development of Makran beach is one of the Great Leader’s emphasizes and among the government’s important programs and Sirik Power Plant will be established on Makran Beach.”   

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