First HSE forum of thermal power plants held
21 July 2018
The forum was held in Shahid Rajaee power plant with the presence of HSE managers and experts

Ali Farhur, CEO of Shahid Rajaee Power Generation Management Company hoped that holding such forums will promote the development of HSE culture in the country's power industry.

He referred to the importance of defining the risk factor in a power plant’s different units. By reviewing the risk factors and accessing to high safety factors, we can pay more attention to the units which have the less safety factors so as not to cause huge incidents at the power plants level.

Bahram Taheri, Advisor to Minister of Energy referred to clean air law which according to it, the workshops with more than 50 personnel are bound to create the HSE structure. At the end of his lecture, he emphasized on importance of interaction with Environment Office about environmental problems.

Gholamreza Mehrdad, TPPH General Manager of Technical Support Office spoke about the importance of implementing HSE requirements and rules in all country’s thermal power plants and emphasized by implementing the related regulations, we will witness the lessening incident and pseudo-events rates, pollutants and greenhouse gases in power industry.

Sanaz Jafarzade, Head of HSE Group of TPPH and responsible and supporter for holding this forum explained about the activities of HSE Group and added: “one of the high goals of the Group is great interactions with power plants’ HSE experts and for achieving the defined goals, a committee including the HSE experts from power plants has been created to identify, prepare and codify related instructions on HSE fields. Other goal of the committee is to integrating the prepared instructions in thermal power plants level and finally, by verifying and controlling the power plants, the existing noncompliance will be recognized and the controlling actions will be done for solving the problems by using the prepared instructions.”

It is mentionable during two days of the forum, 10 articles which was selected by TPPH HSE Group, have been presented and “Feasibility and reuse of wastewater of chemical sampling unit of Shahid Rajaee power plant” was chosen as the best article. 

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