TPPH Co. Managing Director announced: steam section of Samangan CCPP came into operation
28 October 2017
Mohsen Tarztalab said: by operating the steam section of the160 Mw Samangan CCPP in Kerman province, the amount of power generation in the country reached to 62668 Mw and the first phase of the power plant has entered to the country’s grid fully.

According to TPPH Co, Public Relations and International Affairs office, Mohsen Tarztalab expressed: “Samangan CCPP has been established in the frame of 2 gas and 1 steam units in Kerman Province by investments from Ghods Niroo, Kerman Tabloo and Kani Mes companies and it is 79th power plant unit which has been established by private sector in the country.”

He added: “the gas units of Samangan power plant, each with 166 Mw capacity (totally 332 Mw) will be synced to the grid on mid-summer of 1395.”

Tarztalab mentioned: “the current efficiency of the power plant is 49.5 % and in order to supply the fuel to the plant during the shortage of gas, two reservoirs each with a capacity of 20,000 cubic meters of gas are designed.”

He stated: “the executive operation for constructing the power plant is based on the supply of most of the equipment from internal technologies which are built by MAPNA Group. The consultant of the project was Ghods Niroo and 22000 billion rials has been spent yet.”

According to TPPH Co. Managing Director, this power plant is in line with the development of the country's electricity production, a response to the electricity consumption growth of the region and the maximum use of domestic engineering capabilities. The power plant is located on an area of 64 hectares.




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