The Parand power plant’s first unit of steam sector has been synced
15 November 2017
TPPH Co. Executive of Buy-back Plans announced: The Parand CCPP power plant’s first unit of steam sector has been synced with national electricity grid.

According to TPPH Co. Public Relations and International Affairs Office. Hamid Sardari said: “establishing the steam sector of this power plant is a part of Resistive Economy which has been communicated to TPPH Co. last year to be executed.”


He added: “the steam sector of the Parand power plant, with capacity of 3 units each 160Mw, is  among the first projects which are defined by the name of buy-back that according to it, the CCPP steam sector will be established by resources obtained from fuel providence.”

He continued: “the buy-back agreement has been signed with Parand MAPNA Power Generation Company for establishing the steam unit of Parand CCPP for converting gas units to CC units. Legal base of this contract is the article 19 of Country Budget Law in 1392 which has defined the fund return mechanism from fuel providence.”

About the gas sector of Parand power plant specifications, Sardari said: “3 steam units with 160Mw nominal capacity and totally with 480 Mw nominal capacity including 6 heat recovery boilers (HRSG), the main cooling system of the air condenser type and 400 Kw post. By completing the steam unit of the power plant the total efficiency will reach to about 49 percent.”

TPPH Co. Executive of Buy-back Plans hoped: “regarding the opened prepared working fronts especially in the installation and operation parts, if financial supports continue from the bills of electricity sales to the MAPNA Company, we will witness the synchronization of unit 2 in the spring of 1397.”

According to Sardari, this is the 81st power plant unit by private sector which is synched to national electricity grid and will grow the electricity generation capacity to 63150 Mw.

It is mentionable that Parand CCPP has 6 gas units, each159 Mw, nominal capacity of 954 Mw, 31.4 percent efficiency and located in 30 Km of Tehran-Save Highway and has been assigned to MAPNA Group by Privatization Organization.

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