Technical meeting for Sirik 1400 Mw power plant
10 October 1397
Technical meeting for Sirik power plant boilers was held with presence of Technopromexport Engineering Co.’s engineers

According to TPPH Public Relations and International Affairs Office, Mehran Golabkesh, TPPH Executer of Power Plant Plans 2, said: “for reviewing the technical proposal about construction of Sirik power plant boilers by new technology which is presented by the project contractor, the common technical meeting has been held with the presence of Monenco Advisor Engineers Company, Russian Technopromexport Engineering Co., the main project contractor, IntertechElectro Co., the main boiler designer, Steinmüller Engineering Company, boiler designer, and ZIO Co.,  boiler manufacturer,

In relation to investment about this project, Golabkesh continued: “the project financing will be prepared from the Russian Federation Government’s granted loan to Islamic Republic of Iran Government.  Technopromexport Engineering Co. is the project Turn-key contractor.”

Golabkesh announced the estimated time for execution of the project till temporary delivery of the power plant is 51 months and mentioned: “12 months has been defined for the construction of Sirik steam power plant as guarantee period.”

He said: “right now the power plant's basic technical meetings are underway as well as studying work and equipment of the contractor's temporary workshop.”

It is mentionable that the plan of Sirik Steam Power Plant’s capacity is 1400 Mw including four 350 Mw units, located in Kohestak in Hormozgan Province and in 120 Km east of Bandar Abbas country and around the Oman Sea.

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