Iran’s 90 % Self-sufficiency in Manufacturing of Power Plant Parts - When Sanction Turned into Opportunity
10 November 2018
TPPH Deputy of Generation Leadership announced the Iran’s 90% self-efficiency in manufacturing of power plant equipment and said: “this capability has created in a time that western countries tried to impose sanction against Iran.”

According to TPPH Public Relations and International Affairs Office, Abdulrasol Pishahang, TPPH Deputy of Generation Leadership, on the sidelines of the 18th International Exhibition of Power Industry in Iran and among reporters expressed: “right now, we have 91 thermal power plants in the country which 39 of them with 189 units are governmental, 41 of them are transferred to private sector with 215 units and 11 power plants are constructed by private sector with 44 units.”

He added: “despite 448 power plant units, the share of power generation in thermal section from nominal installed capacity of the country’s power generation is 80% and from practical capacity of the country’s power generation is 95%.”


While referring that from the power generation installed capacity point of view, Iran is the first in the Middle East and 41 in the world, Pishahang continued: “right now, the 90% self-sufficiency in manufacturing power plant equipment has been achieved in the time that western countries were trying to impose sanction against Iran and in fact, we have turned the sanctions into opportunity in the country’s power plant industry.”

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