Three-year Report of TPPH Company Performance
13 November 2018
On the occasion of the third anniversary of the TPPH establishment, the Managing Director announced the company’s three-year performance to the Minister of Energy

According the TPPH Public Relations and International Affairs Office, the most important activities and performances of TPPH Co. are as follows:


Completing the Construction and Operation of 5830 Mw New Thermal Power Plant Capacity

Starting Executive Operations for 19000 Mw New Thermal Power Plant with Governmental and Private Investment

Carrying out Technical and Contractual Negotiations for Construction 11050 Mw New Thermal Power Plant

Achieving a Record of 99% Readiness Factor in Thermal Power Plants in Peak Period during Two Recent Years

Achieving a Record in Thermal Power Plants’ Simultaneous Practical Puissance at the Peak of 1397, more than 47000 Mw

  Having 96% Share of Electrical Generators in the Supplying Energy for Network Requirements during the First Six Months of Current Year

Increasing process of average efficiency of thermal power generation during recent 3 years and achieving 37.9% efficiency (during 1396)

Reducing of CO2 gas emissions and achieving 592 g per Kwh produced energy (during 1396)

Reducing the water consumption in thermal power plants and achieving 0.47 L per Kwh produced energy (during 1396)

Increasing of the subsidiaries power plants’ income by 3% in the electricity market during the first 5 months of the year 1397 compared to 1396

Creating context for the use of foreign financial facilities
  at 6 billion Euros

Providing necessary field for the private sector to use foreign financial facilities to build 5,000 Mw of power plant

Reducing corporate debt to banking and private sector

Development of the prospects for developing the capacity of thermal power plants to 1405 year

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