With presence of Minister of Energy, steam unit of Behbahan CCPP was operated
13 November 2018
The steam unit of Behbahan CCPP in Khuzestan Province with nominal capacity of 500Mw has been operated in presence of the Minister of Energy

According to TPPH Public Relations and International Affairs Office, Reza Ardakanian, Minister of Energy said in operation ceremony of steam unit of Behbahan CCPP: “The sanctions not only will not paralyze the electricity industry, but is as a driving force for the country's economy toward developing export electricity industry to neighboring countries and for importing currency to the country.”

The Minister of Energy added: “the sanctions has no effect on operation of the country developing plans of water and electricity and it will be continued according to schedule.”

In the continuation of the ceremony, Mohsen Tarztalab, the Managing Director of TPPH expressed: “the executive operation for construction of Behbahan CCPP has been started in March of 2015 and after 18 months, the gas units of the power plant with the capacity of 326 Mw have entered into the circuit and today the steam unit of power plant is operational.”

He mentioned: “totally for start of Behbahan power plant of gas and steam units 290 million euros has been spent.”

By operating the steam unit of Behbahan CCPP, the electricity generation capacity of the power plant has been increased to 326 Mw to 496 Mw. For constructing and installation of the equipment of steam unit of Behbahan power plant 140 million euros has been spent.      

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